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MedicAlert and Thames Valley Police: Introducing Safe and Found

The MedicAlert Foundation, in partnership with Thames Valley Police, have launched a dementia safeguarding programme, Safe and Found. This new initiative supports those living with dementia and other memory or cognitive conditions.

Published: 10 October 2023

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There are currently 944,000 people living with dementia in the UK. On average, around 40,000 are reported missing every year.

Safe and Found is available nationally and enables people living with dementia to securely store their Herbert Protocol form digitally. This document contains information that aids a missing person search, giving the police a better understanding of who they are looking for, what they have done previously and what they may be likely to do in the future. It includes places of importance, routines and habits, their connections, medical details and more. The Herbert Protocol is a proven strategy in reducing search time and increasing the chance of the individual being found safe and well. MedicAlert is helping to speed up the process by providing quick access to this critical information in an emergency. Chief Superintendent Mike Loebenberg from Thames Valley Police said : “When a family member or friend goes missing, it is an incredibly distressing time for those desperate to know where they are. This fear and distress is exacerbated when that individual is living with dementia. “Completing and keeping an up to date Herbert Protocol form printed or saved and easily accessible is really important, but we know this can be challenging. MedicAlert is a service that can help, by storing information and working to keep it up to date and accessible for officers if it is needed. “As a MedicAlert member myself, I know this partnership will provide loved ones with peace of mind that Thames Valley Police can access important information quickly and save time in the search for those missing. I hope this offers reassurance to those living with dementia and their families.” The support of The McLay Dementia Trust makes the Safe and Found programme even more accessible. MedicAlert and The McLay Dementia Trust will be providing the first year of MedicAlert membership free to anyone living with dementia in the UK. “ The MedicAlert charity is making dementia a priority. We are very proud to work with Thames Valley Police and The McLay Dementia Trust. These partnerships ensure you can feel safer and more comfortable to continue being active, socialising, and living well with dementia. Wherever you go, we will be with you. ” says Mark Hacker, MedicAlert CEO. “MedicAlert has also launched the Carer ID and storage of Emergency Care Plans to support carers. This ensures that, should a carer have an accident, their loved one receives appropriate and continuous care.” To find out more about Safe and Found or how to apply for free membership through The McLay Dementia Trust grant, please visit the links below: ● ●


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